Das Studium wird als Vollzeitstudium angeboten. During the first three semesters you can choose compulsory elective modules from a number of study fields which you can combine to create a thematic focus. You also have a thorough knowledge of sub-areas of computer science and are able to adapt existing methods. The battery is the last wearing part of an electric vehicle having a significant cost share (up to 30%). 12 credit points in theoretical computer science. The four-semester master’s program is made up of a main area, elective modules, and a master’s thesis. The institute is located in the heart of Berlin not far from the Brandenburg Gate at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 10/1995-03/2002: Member of the Graduiertenkolleg (graduate course) Communication-based Systems at FU, HU and TU Berlin. The written exam is held in English. 6/04-6/06 These include the award winning Career Service and the Centre for Entrpreneurship (CfE). Habilitand Raum: MAR 4.019 Telefon: +49 30 314-23938E-Mail: andreas.ruttor tu-berlin.de Sprechstunde nach Vereinbarung Das Studium "Informatik" an der staatlichen "TU Berlin" hat eine Regelstudienzeit von 6 Semestern und endet mit dem Abschluss "Bachelor of Science". If you do not wish to embark on your career immediately after completing your master’s degree, you can continue your studies by doing a doctorate. written exam (no assignments during the course): Other study programs (e.g., mathematics, … A current overview of all modules is available in TU Berlin’s module transfer system (MTS). With their outstanding analytical and communication skills, university-educated computer scientists are also indispensable for consultancy businesses. Your technical education further makes you particularly suitable for a career in research and academia as well as state institutes and research departments in industry. Technische Informatik (Bachelor of Science) Technische Informatik (BSc) - StuPO 2013. Seminars, projects and theses are embedded in ongoing reasearch at the the faculty. The results of the Excellence Strategy competition had just been announced via live stream. 2020-10. PhD in Computer Science at TU Berlin. Since September 2017, I am a Research Associate and a PhD candidate in the Database Systems and Information Management (DIMA) group at Technische Universität Berlin, supervised by Volker Markl and Rainer Gemulla.. 12 credit points in computer engineering or information technology. The master’s program is taught in English. An internship enables you to gain an understanding of potential career areas. The CHE University provides facts as well as assessments by students on Fakultät IV: Elektrotechnik und Informatik at TU Berlin. The Tracks system provides you with the option of a certified specialization in a particular field. Kurz zusammengefasst beschäftigt sich die Informatik mit allen Aspekten der automatischen Informationsverarbeitung einschließlich der Wechselwirkungen mit dem gesellschaftlichen Umfeld. Program Form of Assessment; MSc in Computational Neuroscience: The two courses (Machine Intelligence I and II) form a single module (12 ECTS). There are a number of institutes and facilities within the University offering you the chance to get some inspiration and to support you with setting up your own business. Computer science is a wide-ranging profession in terms of the types of industries, company sizes and the specific professions you can work in. written exam (no assignments during the course): Other study programs (e.g., mathematics, … For the Computer Science program this should be a first university degree qualifying you for professional work taken in a subject within the field of computer science or a closely related program. All courses will take place, i.e., Theoretische Grundlagen der Informatik, the seminar Current Topics in Computational Neuroscience, and the Programming Project in Python. - BSc Technische Informatik StuPO 2015. The program currently offers 15 places with an excellent teacher to student ratio and a sense of familiarity among students. Welcome to Element Decentralised, encrypted chat & collaboration powered by . TU Berlin, with students’ strength of almost 34,500, offers 100 different courses that are being taught at 40 institutes of the university. Pflichtmodule. Since April 2009, he is professor at TU Berlin focusing on electronic sensors and actuators for bio-sensing and neural interfacing purposes as well as on further CMOS-based sensor systems. Modulliste WS 2017/18. The advanced stages of the program equip you with knowledge concerning the methods and approaches involved in key areas of computer science as well as current technologies in this field. The head of the institute is Prof. Friedel Gerfers. assignments & oral exam: MSc in Computer Science: Each of the two courses (Machine Intelligence I or II) can be taken as a separate module (6 ECTS). You can choose from the following study fields: The elective component provides you the opportunity to learn about other issues, including socially relevant topics, by taking modules outside your subject area. © TU Berlin/Dahl. You deepen your technical knowledge and gain an insight into current research topics in the various fields involved, with seminars, projects, and the master’s thesis all very closely linked to the latest research work. You are, however, not required to complete a stay abroad. Technische Universität Berlin Fakultät IV – Elektrotechnik & Informatik - Sekr MAR 6-6 Marchstraße 23 D-10587 Berlin Modules often include a variety of different study and teaching formats, such as lectures, practical tutorials, seminars, and practical projects. Throughout the Computer Science (Informatik) program from TU Berlin, students learn to deal with scientific problems. The master’s program in Computer Science at TU Berlin equips graduates with the skills required to actively and consciously contribute in their professional lives to the shaping of this environment. The program structure as well as the regulations regarding the selection of modules are laid out in the program’s study and examination regulations. Er ersetzt den bisherigen Master Informatik, in den letztmalig zum Wintersemester 2015/16 immatrikuliert wurde. Wahlpflichtbereich (1 aus 3) Modulliste WS 2018/19. A stay abroad can easily be integrated into the program, though we recommend that you pursue this option in the third semester. The Computer Vision and Remote Sensing laboratory of Technical University Berlin deals with automatic image analysis including sensor orientation, and with visualization of spatial information.It leads the students to the areas image analysis, computer vision, … Sie sind hier: Machine Learning Secretariat; Members; Publications; Research; Spinoffs Lehrsprache ist Englisch. Full details, including the subject-specific and language level requirements which you need to prove when applying, are available in the application regulations. Bachelor students of Computer Science at TU Berlin have to complete compulsory courses in the four above-mentioned areas of basic studies in the amount of 105 CP, whereas external applicants to the master program only have to prove 54 CP in this subject area to be admitted. Kurz zusammengefasst beschäftigt sich die Informatik mit allen Aspekten der automatischen Informationsverarbeitung einschließlich der Wechselwirkungen mit dem gesellschaftlichen Umfeld. The degree offers you the chance to participate in a dual degree program. ... Computer Science (Informatik) (Master of Science) Computer Science (Informatik) (M. I faced the same decision a couple of years ago when I moved to Berlin to study mathematics. Berlin currently plays host to Europe’s liveliest start-up scene. He has authored or co-authored more than 120 technical publications including book chapters, tutorials, invited papers, etc., and authored or co-authored a similar number of granted patents and patent applications. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science additionally has its own start-up officer to provide you with practical advice and to put you in touch with a valuable network. Sc.) assignments & oral exam: MSc in Computer Science: Each of the two courses (Machine Intelligence I or II) can be taken as a separate module (6 ECTS). Detailed module descriptions provide information on the content, learning outcomes, participation requirements, workload, assessment methods, and much more. The master’s program in Computer Science at TU Berlin equips graduates with the skills required to actively and consciously contribute in their professional lives to the shaping of this environment. Professor Volker Markl proposes an independent, trustworthy, nationwide, data and analysis infrastructure. This was the first year Technische Universität Berlin was awarded the title of Excellence – together with its consortium partners Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. One credit point corresponds to thirty hours and a module can be spread over a maximum of two semesters. The Faculty has therefore decided to offer this master’s program in English to help students prepare for a career in an international environment in the age of globalization. You can find the proposed course schedule in the study and examination regulations. You can generally complete parts of the program abroad, either in the form of a semester abroad or internships. For details of subject-specific cooperative projects and general support concerning studying abroad, please contact the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science study abroad section. Upon completion of the program a Master of Science is jointly awarded by TU Berlin and HU Berlin. Sc.) All three schools have a very similar curriculums for the sciences and are known as some of the best universities in Germany. You are not formally required to do an internship either before or during the program, but we recommend you do so. Building upon knowledge and skills gained in your bachelor’s program, the master’s degree allows you to develop expertise in the methods, approaches, and technologies of computer science. The vast majority of our graduates are involved in developing hardware and software systems for businesses, technology, healthcare and administration. Future generations will be operating in an environment even more influenced by IT than our own. There is also a proposed course schedule for the program in general which serves as a recommendation for students and helps clarify the structure of the master’s program. Upon successful completion of the master’s degree you will be awarded a Master of Science, which is an internationally recognized higher degree qualifying you for professional work. Insbesondere zählen dazu. 10/1991 – … A study field combines modules offered by a number of chairs into a single area of thematic focus enabling students to specialize in a technical area and thus develop a professional profile. The minimum requirements are that a program contains the following elements: A total of 36 credit points in the fundamentals of computer science, with. Modules are assigned credit points (LP) reflecting the amount of time a student is required to invest to successfully complete a module. Der Standort des Studiums ist Berlin. 12 credit points in methodological-practical computer science. Institute of Software Engineering and Theoretical Computer ScienceMachine Learning. It was the first German university to adopt the name "Technische Universität" (Technical University). Upon successful completion of a track, you are awarded an additional qualification within the master’s program with a certificate issued by the Faculty. 8/06-2/07: guest scientist at the Honda Research Institute, Offenbach. As a graduate of this program, you possess the core skills of computer science, such as the analysis, abstraction, and formal definition of problems as well as the computer-assisted implementation of solution strategies and the ability to apply these skills to solve specific problems, including the development of algorithms and programs in distributed, networked, and embedded systems, the analysis and manipulation of extremely large data quantities, and the modeling of fundamental aspects of information systems. my background: Did my Bachelors in Informatik at TU Berlin and am now studying Masters CS also at the TU Berlin.As you certainly know I cannot give you a guarantee whether you fulfill the criteria. However, Dr. Volker Markl, Professor of Database Systems and Information Management at TU Berlin, Chief Scientist at the DFKI in Berlin, … He is a regular lecturer for academic courses at TU Berlin and professional training courses in various industries. As a graduate of the program you can either immediately start your career or pursue a doctorate. Guidance and choosing the right degree program: Academic Advising Service, Questions about the degree program: Course Guidance, Application and enrollment: Office of Student Affairs – Graduate Admissions, Recognition of previously acquired credits: Examination Board, Faculty I - Humanities and Educational Sciences, Faculty II – Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty IV – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty V – Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems, Faculty VI – Planning Building Environment, Central Institute School of Education (SETUB), Requirements for Admission to a Degree Program, Continuing education & further qualification, Construction, Building & Strategic Space Management, Office of Student Affairs – Graduate Admissions. Prof. (W1) at the Department of Math and Computer Science, FU Berlin; head of the Machine Learning and Robotics Lab at FU Berlin: 3/07-10/10: head of the Machine Learning and Robotics group (Emmy Noether Programme) at the IDA lab (Klaus-Robert Müller), TU Berlin. He earned his Diploma (1995) and Ph.D. (1999) degrees from TU Berlin, Germany. The bachelor’s thesis may not be used to make up these 30 credit points. Wahlpflichtbereich (1 aus 3) The master’s program is divided into individual modules, usually consisting of several thematically linked courses. Technische Informatik (B. Insbesondere zählen dazu, Schnellnavigation zur Seite über Nummerneingabe, Studiengangsbeauftragter - Prof. Nestmann, die Analyse von Grundbegriffen wie Information, Daten, Algorithmen, Sprache, Maschinen, Systeme, die Funktion von informationsverarbeitenden Maschinen, deren Aufbau und Strukturelemente sowie deren Zusammenwirken als Komponenten eines umfassenden Systems, die methodische Entwicklung komplexer, verteilter informationsverarbeitender Systeme, die Organisation, Darstellung, Bearbeitung sowie der Austausch von Information in textueller, visueller, akustischer oder anderer sensorischer Form, die Anwendung der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik in Forschung, Technik, Wirtschaft und Verwaltung, die Wirkung dieser Anwendung auf die verschiedenen Gruppen der Gesellschaft. The most current version of the regulations applies to applicants. Haupt-Navigation. He also held concurrent posts as Director of research labs, including the FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik in Karlsruhe and Berlin, Germany (2008-2014). Before this, he had a research associate position at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)'s eOrganisation research group. Informatik@TU Berlin. - StuPO 2015. Further information can be found at study abroad. Therefore a good management of that asset is needed which leads to the necessity of precise battery dimensioning and evaluation of the utility in case of reuse, resale or … The research and teaching areas comprises of a wide range of academic disciplines, providing education in the fields of engineering sciences to natural science, economics, planning science, social sciences and humanities. Questions concerning a specific module can be addressed to the module supervisor or the contact person listed in the module description. The Technical University of Berlin (official name both in English and German: Technische Universität Berlin, also known as TU Berlin and Berlin Institute of Technology) is a public research university located in Berlin, Germany. 07/1997 - 03/2002: DFG project 'Modelling with fluid Petri nets' at TU Berlin, as part of the DFG priority program KONDISK. The range of modules offered in the professionally oriented master’s program is particularly broad and addresses current and innovative issues of computer science, enabling students to focus on a wide range of areas of specialization. If you decide for this option, then your program will take place at two universities, TU Berlin and a partner university abroad, and you will be awarded two academic degrees upon successful completion of the program. Prior to that, I completed a M. Sc. Alexander Renz-Wieland. Please send your written application including the reference number 3435 T 40/20 and regular application documents (CV and certificates) by E-Mail to secretary@sect.tu-berlin.de. Researcher in the DIMA group at TU Berlin. You can choose from courses offered at TU Berlin as well as other universities with equal status in Germany or abroad. Media technology and human-machine interaction. Retired as University Professor at School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at TU Berlin, but continued as Project Leader of DFG projects until 2015: Selected Monographs and Editions Depends on your field of study, stage (undergrad or grad), your personal preferences, and your longer term career goals. Staff are available to help you prepare for your stay abroad as well as provide support during your time abroad. 18 credit points in mathematics, with a minimum of 30 further credit points in computer science. By IT-related companies we mean manufacturers of technical products (automotive construction, machine construction) but also banks, insurance companies, trading companies, or administrative organizations. The registration for the written exam is possible at the end of the term through the electronic system of TU Berlin (QISPOS) or alternatively in written form via the examination office. English is now not only the technical language but also very much the working language of IT. Modulliste WS 2017/18. The master’s program, which is offered in English, reflects this diversity by preparing you for the quickly changing demands of an increasingly global employment market. Please see here for a list of recognized proofs of language level. Program Form of Assessment; MSc in Computational Neuroscience: The two courses (Machine Intelligence I and II) form a single module (12 ECTS). Digitalization is increasingly altering our lives today - our working lives, our leisure time, and our daily routines. The number of purely IT businesses has decreased with the rise of IT-related companies. As a graduate of the Computer Science master’s program, your professional specialization is developing solutions to problems. from University of Technology Berlin… Notice: Due to the current corona-related situation, we will offer our courses in an online format in this winter semester. Jens Ahrens received a Diploma in Electrical Engineering/Sound Engineering (equivalent to Master of Science) from Graz University of Technology and University of Music and Dramatic Arts Graz, Austria, in 2005 and the Doctoral Degree (Dr.-Ing.) Sign In. The author argues that the complexity and autonomy of modern technology can sometimes be overwhelming and can then be perceived as a threat to freedom by its users, thereby diminishing acceptance. Students enrol at TU Berlin, there are no tuition fees. Germany aims to become a world leader in AI – German politicians stated during the announcement of the German AI Strategy late last year. The core subjects taught through various undergraduate, graduate and Pos… General information regarding stays abroad can be obtained from the TU Berlin International Office (study abroad) and from the Career Service (internships abroad). Fakultät Elektrotechnik und InformatikStudiengang Informatik, Was ist Informatik Create Account Falls Sie also Ihren Bachelor Informatik nicht an der TU Berlin abgeschlossen haben, wird die fachlich-inhaltliche Nähe Ihres vorangegangenen Studiengangs vom Prüfungsausschuss geprüft. However, credits are not awarded for internships completed during the program. Jörn has been working as a research associate in the ISE research group since June 2014. Der Masterstudiengang Computer Science (Informatik) wird seit dem Sommersemester 2016 als englischsprachiges Angebot mit neuem Titel angeboten. As a rule, it is necessary to pass an examination or an assessed assignment to successfully complete a module. Language of instruction is English. Our international perspective also attracts many students from abroad, creating a cosmopolitan environment in which to study. Colloquia and seminars offer access to ongoing research projects. Doing an internship during your studies also helps you to build up networks with potential employers. Wahlpflichtbereich (1 aus 3) Modulliste SS 2018. However, you also acquire knowledge and skills beyond these technical fields: The program further equips you with the skills to make sense of complex ideas and to present and communicate these effectively, to conduct your work with social responsibility, to participate in interdisciplinary, multi-cultural teams as well as develop outstanding social and communication skills. This book provides an in-depth investigation on the psychological phenomenon "reactance“ in the context of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Der Masterstudiengang. Future generations will be operating in an environment even more influenced by IT than our own. The fourth semester is reserved for writing your master’s thesis. But I will try to help you as much as I can :) I'm quite sure that you absolutely fulfill the following requirements: Applicants are therefore required to provide proof of English skills at CEFR level B2. Or you could start your own business. As a rule, you can only apply for this option once you have been accepted by TU Berlin.